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Virtual Humans & Works by Eisko

Eisko creates Virtual Humans for
leading Entertainment companies

Virtual Humans and Digital Celebrities have been a growing trend and the driving force behind Eisko's creation. Founded by Computer Graphics and VFX veterans, the company has pioneered the field of 3D Humans and has collaborated with major actors of the 3D sector
while actively participating in building a community surrounding 3D Human Models and new topics like Virtual Actors, Virtual Influencers, Mobile Assistants, 3D printing, Holographic shows and much more.

Watch Eisko's Showreel below to catch a glimpse of some of our productions.

They Trust Eisko

Eisko has accumulated 10 years of experience working with Virtual Humans, specializing over the years in capturing the appearance and likeness of famous actors, actresses, artists and athletes. This focus on Digital Celebrities was made possible by nurturing new proprietary technologies and a team of skilled talents devoted to the accurate representation of the human figure, one of the greatest challenges in CGI and a shared passion for everyone at Eisko. This expertise has led to numerous collaborations with renowned companies, providing CGI Actors to world-class VFX productions and tackling new trends like Virtual Influencers for leading brands.