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Digital Humans

We specialize in 3D Digital Humans and CGI Characters for Entertainement, Media & Visual Effects

3D Digital Humans have been our focus for about ten years, which is why we are now able to tackle any request possible, no matter the field. Since its creation, Eisko has created numerous CGI Actors and CGI Characters for major companies from VFX, Video Games, Advertising and Events.

Our activities cover the full spectrum of needs related to Digital Humans and CGI Characters, from start to finish.

We provide casting, scanning, modeling, rigging and animation services, with means tailored to each production.

Digital Human

A 3D model faithfully replicating the appearance
of the original subject, ready to be rigged.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Ready for rendering and lighting
  • No blendshapes
  • No rigging
  • -

Digital Human

A rigged 3D model replicating the expressiveness
of the original subject, ready to be animated.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Ready for rendering and lighting
  • scanned or generated FACS blendshapes
  • State of the art rigging
  • Ready for any animation technique

Digital Human

A fully animated 3D model for any kind of project,
from holograms to interactive applications.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Rendered in Real-Time or Offline
  • scanned or generated FACS blendshapes
  • State of the art rigging
  • Animated through motion/performance capture, video-tracking or keyframe

We specialize in CGI Actors and Celebrities: artists, athletes, public figures

Our ability to preserve the identity of our subjects, both in appearance and expressiveness, has allowed us to work extensively with celebrities. We are also particularly familiar with the legal framework surrounding CGI Actors.

We cover all your Digital Human needs, from casting to animation

We provide all services related to Digital Humans, available on any platform, for any project or brand. Our transportable 3D capture systems as well as our rigging and animation expertise enable us to provide high-end and cost-efficient solutions for all.

CGI Actors for VFX

Digital Humans for Advertising and Feature Films.

We have worked for years with the movie industry, collaborating with some of the most renowned companies in the field to provide digital stunt doubles, CGI resurrections and face replacement services. We have provided Digital Doubles of multiple first-class actors and actresses, among which Margot Robbie, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Eva Green.

Video Games CGI Characters

Interactive Digital Humans in Real-Time.

Our team holds a leading expertise in Real-Time 3D Humans for video games and interactive applications. Our experiences with AAA and mobile-first projects on Unity and Unreal have given us multiple opportunities to partake in a wide variety of projects and technologies.

AR/VR Digital Humans

Digital Humans enabling innovative storytelling.

Eisko has always been keen to embrace new technologies and tools, and was among the first to create photorealistic 3D Human Models for VR. We have collaborated with multiple VR studios, providing scanning, rigging and animation services for new and exciting experiences.

Holographic 3D Humans

Holograms of live CGI Resurrections.

Holographic Digital Humans and CGI Resurrections can turn any event into a unique experience. Eisko's expertise in working with celebrities has led to exceptional projects like the resurrection of the late Andre Hazes, a Dutch icon brought back onstage for a series of new concerts more than 10 years after his passing.

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